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Celý klanVyloučení člena TO

Po dohodě byl Morpheus vyloučen z klanu – věkový limit.

Sekce: Celý klan | Vložil: | 11.5.2005 22:35 | komentářů: 1


[1] 76mwz3a8w9y@yahoo.com | 29.5.2014 - 23:42

Hehe, I'm never gonna live down that error, am I? I also felt that including JavaScript reeetrumqnis in the problems ended up being a bad idea. I think the calculator would have been a little less fun without the AJAX, but we probably should have provided working JavaScript so people could have focused more on the PHP. I'm not sure who will be in charge of coming up with problems for the next Dojo, but if you've got any ideas, I'm sure we'd love to hear them. I definitely don't want people doing the same problems over and over in different languages. This isn't PLP, after all I kind of felt like my intro to PHP was a little lacking. It was hard to get a feel for what experience people were coming from, so I think I spent too much time on the basics and then had to skim over some of the more interesting features. Maybe that's something I can get better at with more practice.

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